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Perry’s 8th Ed. and other e-books available from Knovel

Ash Michael; Ash Irene Handbook of Green Chemicals (2nd Edition). Synapse Information Resources, Inc., 2008. Ash, Michael; Ash, Irene Specialty Chemicals – Source Book (3rd Edition).Synapse Information Resources, Inc, 2003; 2008. Brown, Michael E.; Gallagher, Patrick K. Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry – Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications, Volume 5. Elsevier, 2008. Crompton, T.R. Characterisation … Continue reading

New books available in the library (Feb. 2009)

Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering. Volume 1: fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer  6th ed   / J.M. Coulson and J.F Richardson with J. R. Backhurst and J.H. Harker. Oxford ; Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann  1999 66.01 COU    Chemical engineering / J.M. Coulson and J.F. Richardson. Vol.3, Chemical and biochemical reactors & process control,  3rd … Continue reading