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ATHENS to Shibboleth and RefWorks

The college’s  Athens subscription will come to an end on the 31st July 2009 and a new authentication system called UK Federation (or Shibboleth) will replace it. You will still use the same username and password as before (your college login name and password) but using a different technology.  This applies to all datasets currently accessed using ATHENS.  To access these click on one of these links and follow the instructions.

Login via UK Federation
• Institutional Login
• Login via your Federation
• Shibboleth* Login 

 Note:The actual link or button appearance may vary between resources

  How this will affect RefWorks users

In order to maintain access to your RefWorks database you will need to move your data from the old system (Athens) to the new (UK Federation).  You will need to transfer all your references and customised output styles, etc. to a new RefWorks database that you create by accessing via UK Federation.

You will not be able to access your RefWorks database via Athens after July 2009 so you must transfer your database before this date.

From the 31th March 2009 you can create your new  RefWorks database via UK Federation and transfer your existing database from Athens to it. Once you have created your new account via UK Federation and transferred your references you should stop using your Athens account for accessing RefWorks.

For instructions on how to create and transfer your database please go to:




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