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New books for Chemical Engineering – June 2012

Biomechanical modelling at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels /Holzapfel, Gerhard ASpringer, 2010

Biomechanics of soft tissue in cardiovascular systems / Holzapfel, Gerhard A. Springer, 2003

Chemical product design 2nd ed.  /Cussler, E. L. Cambridge University Press, 2011

Definitions, concepts and scope of engineering asset management / Amadi-Echendu, Joe E. Springer, 2010

Graphene: Carbon in Two Dimensions,(Electronic Book)  Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Cambridge University Press, 2012. 

Green chemistry : theory and practice /Anastas, Paul T. Oxford University Press, 2000

Handbook of numerical analysis. Volume XII, Special volume : Computational models for the human body.  Oxford : Elsevier, 2004

Handbook of industrial hydrocarbon processes / Speight, J. G  Gulf Professional, 2011

Nonlinear Programming / Bertsekas, Dimitri P. Athena Scientific, 1995

Networked control systems : theory and applications /  Wang, Fei-Yue Springer, 2010

Online optimization of large scale systems/ Grotschel, Martin. Springer, 2010

Physical chemistry of melts in metallurgy. Volume 2 / Richardson, Frederick Denys, Academic Press, 1974

Refinery operation and management / Favennec, Jean-Pierre. Technip, 2001

Techniques for industrial pollution prevention : a compendium for hazardous and nonhazardous waste minimization /  Overcash, Michael R.  Lewis Publishers 1986




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