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Dec 2015

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers 2013

Animal cell culture / Mohamed Al-Rubeai, editor. [electronic book] 2015

Beyond feelings : a guide to critical thinking / Vincent Ryan Ruggiero 9th ed. 2012

Chemical process safety : fundamentals with applications / Daniel A. Crowl, Joseph F. Louvar 3rd 2014

Doing Bayesian data analysis: a tutorial with R, JAGS, and stan / John Kruschke 2015

Explosion and blast-related injuries : effects of explosion and blast from military operations and acts of terrorism / editors, Nabil M. Elsayed, James L. Atkins ; associate editor, Nikolai V. Gorbunov. 2008

Reinventing fire : bold business solutions for the new energy era / Reinventing fire : bold business solutions for the new energy era / Amory B. Lovins and Rocky Mountain 2011

Reliability engineering and risk analysis : a practical guide / Mohammad Modarres, Mark Kaminskiy, Vasiliy Krivtsov 2nd ed 2010

Safety critical systems handbook : a straightforward guide to functional safety: IEC 61508 (2010 edition) and related standards : including: Process IEC 61511, Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849 / David J. Smith, Kenneth G.L. Simpson. 3rd ed. 2011

Using Aspen Plus in thermodynamics instructions : a step by step guide / Stanley I. Sandler. [electronic book] 2015

What went wrong? : case histories of process plant disasters and how they could have been avoided / Trevor Kletz 5th 2009

New books available in the library (Feb 2009)

Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering. Volume 1: fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer  6th ed   / J.M. Coulson and J.F Richardson with J. R. Backhurst and J.H. Harker. Oxford ; Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann  1999

66.01 COU


 Chemical engineering / J.M. Coulson and J.F. Richardson. Vol.3, Chemical and biochemical reactors & process control,  3rd ed / edited by J.F. Richardson and D.G. Peacock.  Oxford : Pergamon, 1994 

66.01 COU


HAZOP : guide to best practice  : guidelines to best practice for the process and chemical industries / Frank Crawley, Malcolm Preston, Brian Tyler. 2nd ed. Rugby : Institution of Chemical Engineers, c2008.

614.8 CRA


Introduction to fluid mechanics / Robert W. Fox, Alan T. McDonald, Philip J. Pritchard.

7th ed. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley ; Chichester : John Wiley [distributor], 2008. 

532.5 FOX (Reference In Office) There are more copies on order in the Central Library


Polymeric drug delivery 1 : particulate drug carriers / Sönke Svenson, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering. Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 2005.

678 POL


Polymeric drug delivery 2 : polymeric matrices and drug particulate engineering / Sönke Svenson, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering. Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 2005.

678 POL


More books available in the Chemical Engineering Library

Bioseparations science and engineering by Roger G Harrison. Oxford University 2003.


Elementary principles of chemical processes- 3rd ed.  Wiley , 2000


Green Chemistry: theory and practice , new edition by Paul Anastas.  Oxford University Press, 1998


Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Vol. 1 – 4th ed. by Samuel Glasstone  Chapman and Hall, 1994


Nuclear Reactor Engineering, vol. 2 – 4th ed by Samuel Glasstone. Chapman and Hall , 1994


Perry’s chemical engineers handbook – 8th ed.  by Don W Green.  Mc Graw-hill 2008

( 7th ed print and electronic versions available)

New Books available in the Chemical Engineering Library (October  2008)

 The following new books have been recently added into the Chemical Engineering Library collection.


Principles of colloid and surface chemistry. 3rd ed., rev. and expanded / Paul C. Hiemenz, Raj Rajagopalan.  New York : Marcel Dekker, 1997.


Unit operations of chemical engineering. 7th, International ed / Warren L. McCabe, Julian C. Smith, Peter Harriott.  Dubuque, Iowa : McGraw-Hill, c2005.


Chemical process technology / Jacob A. Moulijn, Michiel Makkee, Annelies van Diepen. Chichester : Wiley, c2001.


Schaum’s outline of thermodynamics for engineers / Merle C. Potter, Craig W. Somerton. 2nd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2006.


Chemical Engineering Faculty Directory, 2006-2007. American Institution of Chemical Engineers 2007.



Handbook of heat transfer, 3rd ed. / edited by Warren M. Rohsenow, James P. Harnett, Young I. Cho. New York ; London : McGraw-Hill, 1998.


Fundamentals of thermodynamics. 6th ed. / Richard E. Sonntag, Claus Borgnakke, Gordon J. Van Wylen  New York, N.Y. : Wiley, c2003


The physics of polymers : concepts for understanding their structures and behavior / Gert Strobl. 3rd. rev. and expanded ed. Berlin : Springer, c2007.

 More books added to the Chemical Engineering Library collection (31st October 2008)

Boiling heat transfer and two-phase flow / L.S. Tong, Y.S. Tang. 2nd ed.  Washington, D.C. : Taylor & Francis, c1997.

Introduction to Physical Polymer Science / L.H. Sperling. 4th ed.   Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley, 2006

 Molecular biology of the cell / Bruce Alberts et al.  5th ed.  New York : Garland Science, c2008.

 Nuclear fuel cycle, the : from ore to wastes / edited by P.D. Wilson. New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, c1996.  

Nuclear Reactor Analysis/ James J. Duderstadt, Louis J. Hamilton. New York ; Chichester : Wiley, 1976.



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