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New books & E-books purchased by the library – Dec 2015

New books & E-books purchased by the library Dec 2015 Designation and safety classification of refrigerants American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers ; ASHRAE 2013 Animal cell culture / Mohamed Al-Rubeai, editor. [electronic book] 2015 Beyond feelings : a guide to critical thinking / Vincent Ryan Ruggiero 9th ed. 2012 Chemical process safety … Continue reading

New books & E-books purchased by the library – May 2014

  New printed books: Academic writing: a university writing course-3rd ed / Lennart Björk, Christine Räisänen.2003 Air conditioning principles and systems -4th ed / Edward G. Pita. 2002 Antiperspirants and deodorants – 2nd ed / Karl Laden. 1999 Bioseparation and bioprocessing : a handbook. Vol 1. 2nd ed. / G Subramanian. 2007 Bioseparation and bioprocessing … Continue reading

New resources including books purchased by the library Nov 2013

ACS Symposium Series/Advances in Chemistry Series  from 1949 onwards is now available Marine Digimap    Marine Digimap is part of the Digimap suite of on-line mapping services. Providing marine and coastal zone mapping from SeaZone Ltd, the service includes raster marine maps of various scales and detail (derived from Admiralty Charts), which are ideal for back-drop mapping in the UK coastal zone and … Continue reading