4th Year Design Project

Information Resources for Final Year design project   2015-2016

Current Affairs information 

Financial Times (FT.com)

The Economist

Chemical Engineering news 

The Chemical Engineer

C&EN Chemical and Engineering News

Background information/ plant designs

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (Wiley Ebook)

Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Indu4strial Chemistry  (online database)

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design (print only)

Knovel – Over 1000 useful books in the areas of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering available at http://app.knovel.com/web/ you may search within the text of all the books together on this website.

Energy Technologies · Renewable Energy (SpringerMaterial Ebook)

Energy Technologies · Nuclear Energy (SpringerMaterial Ebook)

Current research information

  1. Biofuel production: INIS, Compendex, Scifinder, Scitech Connect , Springer Materials
  2. Pharmaceuticals Web of Science (All databases), Compendex,   Scifinder, Springer Materials
  3. Oil and gas production: OnePetroCompendexScopus ,Springer Materials
  4. Nuclear fuel production INIS, Compendex, Scitech Connect, Scifinder , Springer Materials
  5. Paint: Compendex, Scifinder , Springer Materials

Report: Heavy Crude oil: a global analysis and outlook to 2035

Chemical price information:   Click on the link : Accelry’s Available Chemicals Directory

then click on BIOVIA for Pricing information

Economic information

EBSCO – searches thousands of publications including research journals and industry magazines

Factiva – includes articles from several thousand newspapers and magazines from around the world.

FT. com (Financial Times), Further information on how to set up access to the resource is available from http://www.imperial.ac.uk/admin-services/library/subject-support/business/financial-times/

The Economist

For market information on specific drug or other markets use

Statista or  the Euromonitor reports on Passport. For more information see http://www.imperial.ac.uk/admin-services/library/subject-support/business/market-and-industry-information/

Thomson One (use IE only and enable pop ups) Includes industry reports

Some useful magazines searchable on EBSCO: Energy Policy, Engineer Online, Chemical Engineering

Plant Cost Index: User guide of How to find the Plant Cost Index.

Magazines to support the Design Project

CEP Magazine Chemical Engineering Progress available online from 2010 onwards.

The Chemical Engineer (tce) Available online from 2001 onwards. The password is on the Library Website, please ask the Store service for particular issues between No 147- No714 (1960-2000).

Chemical Engineering,  Online access is available to all the back issues. The password is on the Library Website.

Chemistry and Industry   Full text from 2009 onwards:

ICIS Chemical Business Most recent year is available on the publisher’ website. The password is on the Library Website The rest are available in print or on EBSCO although this version does not offer PDF so no diagrams, graphs etc.

Hydrocarbon Processing available from 1994 from Factiva. The current print version is also available. Check Library Search for more details.

Materials Selection                      

ASM Handbook – Volume 20, Materials Selection and Design. There are also volumes on corrosion and composites

ESDU – Heat exchanger design data, costing and software available. Fatigue and fracture data

Statistics and emissions information

Energy Statistics:

ESDS – World Energy Statistics and Balances

OECD iLibrary – energy statistics, also has labour costs, production costs etc.

Useful PDF file Process Scaleup

Final Year  Plant design project  Book list  2015-2016

Title format Author Year Edition Subject Number
Chemical engineering process design and economics  Print copy Ulrich, Gael D 2004 2nd 660.281 ULR
Chemical process control:an introduction to theory and practice Print copy Stephanopoulos, George 2004 2nd 660.281 STE
Chemical process design and integration  Ebook Smith, R 2005 3rd 660.281 SMI
Chemical reactor analysis and design  Print copy Froment, Gilbert F 2011 3rd 660.283 FRO
Conceptual design of chemical processes  Print copy Douglas, J M 1988 660.281 DOU
Chemical reactor design and control  Ebook Luyben, William L. 2007
Coulson & Richardson’s Chemical Engineering

Volume 3, Chemical Biochemical Reactors and Process Control

Ebook Coulson, J. M 1994 3rd 660 COU
Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering

Volume 2, Particle technology and separation processes

Ebook Richardso.J. F 2002 5th 660.2 COU
Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering

Volume 6, Chemical engineering design

Ebook Sinnott, R. K. 2005 4th 660 COU
Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering

Volume 1, Fluid flow heat transfer and mass transfer

Ebook Coulson; Richardson, with J.R. Backhurst and J.H. Harker 1999 6th ed 660 COU
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics: a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data Ebook Haynes, William M 2015 96th 530 CRC
Dow’s fire and explosion index hazard classification guide  Ebook American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2010 7th 628.922 DOW
Economic evaluation of projects: a guide Print copy Allen, Derek H. 1991 3rd 660.068 ALL
HAZOP: guide to best practice : guidelines to best practice for the process and chemical industries Ebook Crawley, Frank 2008 2nd 660.28 CRA
Lees’ loss prevention in the process industries. Vol.1-3  Ebook Mannan, Sam 2012 4th 660.280 LEE
Process control:

designing processes and control systems for dynamic performance

Print copy Marlin, Thomas E 2000 2nd.ed 660.281 MAR
Process heat transfer  Print copy Kern, Donald Quentin 1950 621.402 KER
Product and process design principles: synthesis, analysis, and evaluation Print copy Seider, Warren D 2010 3rd 660.281 PRO
Pyrolysis : theory and industrial practice  Print copy Albright, Lyle F 1983 660.296 PYR
Safe ups and downs for process units  Print copy BP International 2009 7th ed 665.53 SAF
Separation processes  Print copy King, C Judson 1982 2nd 660.284 KIN
Perry’s chemical engineers’ handbook  Ebook Perry, Robert H 8th 660 PER
Plantwide control : recent developments and applications  Ebook Rangaiah, Gade Pandu. 2012 2nd 660.281 PLA
Systematic methods of chemical process design  Print copy Biegler, L 1997 660.28 BIE






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